February 13, 2020

5 reasons why your brand needs a social presence...

Running a small business can be a big challenge at times (trust me, I know). Focusing on your customers, keeping inventory stocked, creating new leads and running your marketing channels are just some of the never-ending jobs on rotation – BUT it doesn’t always need to feel so daunting!

Communicating with your customers, boosting your SEO and marketing your business can now all be simplified through the use of social media. Although some are intimidated by the constant time dedication, the results are clear. Social media marketing works – and if you’re not optimising it, you risk falling behind! If running your social media accounts day to day is something that disinterests (or even frightens) you – get in contact with Social Laundry to find out more about our social media management packages.

So… whilst I have your attention - here are 5 reasons why your brand will benefit strongly from an active social media presence!

Arguably the most pivotal reason for having an active social media presence is the abundance of brand awareness that follows suit.

When you have an active social media presence, you make it easier for your customers to connect with you. Out of the 1+ billion Instagram users – 60% admit to finding new brands via the app – so make sure you are utilising the platform properly(hashtags, locations and tagging are a few great ways to get noticed).

By applying asocial media strategy within your business-marketing plan, you will significantly increase your brand recognition (awareness). By spending a few hours per week, over 91% of small businesses claimed that their social marketing efforts greatly increase their brands traffic, and heightened user experience.


Social media allows you to communicate directly with customers both publicly on the feed and privately in DM’s. When you communicate directly with your customers your create relationships with your followers.  

Creating longstanding relationships with your customers is important, as it creates a sense of loyalty to your brand, which gives you a better chance of being chosen over your competitor who may not be active on the platform. Customer loyalty leads to repeat customers, which is one of the main goals of almost any business.

A great way to engage with your customers is through the use of interactive stories (see our '5 Interactive Story Ideas' blog post for more information).


Sharing user-generated content is another way to generate a connection and subsequently a sense of loyalty with your customers. Encourage your customers to share images of them using or wearing your product/service – and then share them on your account.

(TIP: only share high quality images in posts so they don’t interfere with your feed aesthetic - share the rest in stories).

Regularly engaging with your customers shows that you care about them, and the experience they have with your brand. Whilst customer engagement often works in your favour, brands are now forced to combat the instant and permanent nature of customers engaging online around the clock. Social media now also serves as a platform for reviews and ratings - both good and bad.


Whilst a bad review can be damaging, responding accordingly and in a timely manner can help you recover the situation, and in some cases solve the issue entirely. If you are able to resurrect the situation on a public social media platform, the rest of your audience, will be ale to see that you take your customers feedback seriously, subsequently boosting your brands credibility.


Positive reviews are of course, incredibly valuable, and can essentially act as free advertisement for your brand. Once you have a few satisfied customers, and they become vocal about their experience, new and potential customers will read these reviews and feel more confident purchasing from your company.

Social media is also a great channel to share important company news to your audience in one hit. By spreading positive brand accomplishments or announcing upcoming sales and other relevant information, your customers feel ‘in the know’, creating a sense of community.


Sharing pivotal brand information and responding to FAQ on social media can also make your customers feel more confident when purchasing from your brand.

(TIP: Add a FAQ section in your IG story highlights! This way your customers can always refer to them for help)

Most social media platforms are free – making it a very cost effective platform to utilize. Rather than investing in six months and six figures in big print or web projects, try out the smaller avenues – and learn about your audience. What your audience wants to see, and the way they respond to campaigns will be instantly visible on social media – and this information can then be carried over to your other platforms for investment. Social media is the perfect place to test out content and ideas, to gauge your customer’s interest and engagement, without the hindering costs.


Compared to traditional advertising/marketing campaigns, social media is significantly cheaper (even if you do hire a social media manager!).


The earlier you start your social media, the quicker you will see the growth in your business. So don’t wait around – if you want another pair of marketing hands to lead you through the digital world, contact Social Laundry today.

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