December 5, 2019

5 Instagram story ideas to boost engagement

Need a few quick Instagram story ideas? Never fear, Social Laundry is here to help you out!


If you are a business owner or influencer, and are trying to generate more engagement online, then you should be utilising your Instagram stories! After all, more than 500 million users view IG stories everyday. So if you aren’t using this feature on the reg’, then your potentially loosing a whole lotttta money.


But what should you put on your IG stories, and how do you stop them from being so repetitive? WELL, I am so glad you asked! I have outlined 5 strategies below, and a few examples for each so you can create an endless stream of engaging content to help boost your conversions!

At a glance, it probably isn’t hard to tell that this is our ALL TIME favourite story feature (if you haven’t seen our WOULD YOU RATHER’s on IG, check out our engagement highlight at @social.laundry).


Not only do polls break down life’s big questions (milk before tea, or tea before milk?!), it is also a super easy way to encourage your customers to engage with you with just one click. Polls can be used to share pop-culture references, but they can also be used for market research (this is why we love them so much!).


Get to know your customers – and ask them questions about themselves, and what they want to see more of! Then use this information and put it into action in your upcoming schedule.




Countdown is super simple – but is sometime harder to use on daily occurrences. Save the countdowns for new product launches, or new blogs (they’re a great way to build hype because people can save the alarm too!). Countdowns can also be used to celebrate general events like work knockoff drinks/Friday in general.


Everyone is a little bit nosy (its just human nature), and wants to know what a ‘day in the life’ of their favourite brand is like! So give them a little insight with a behind the scenes (BTS) peek into your business.


Yes, yes I know people don’t want to watch you scrolling your emails (pretending not to click on that Net-a-Porter's sale). But whilst it is great to show them the ‘highlights’ of your day – keep it authentic! Show bits of the boring stuff as well as the fun you have around the office.


Ask yourself these 5 questions – and then post about it!

1.     How does your everyday start?

2.    Are you working on anything particularly exciting today/this week?

3.    Sneak peek into new products

4.    How do you take time out to relax between your meetings/ busy schedule?

5.    What does the office look like?


These 5 topics will help to create a higher level of transparency and brand trust!

They’ve seen the office, now it’s time to meet the team! People respond best to another person, and by introducing your team members, you are showing that you are more than just your brands name. Giving your customers the chance to develop a digital connection with you team, will create a sense of loyalty (which we LOVE), and will naturally entice them to buy from you, rather than your competitors, in the future.


Take it that step further and interview your employees! Ask them to explain their roles and the reasons why they love working for your brand!


Have you been paying attention? A great way to get your customers to engage with your brand is through a quiz! Whether the quiz is purely based on your brand or on something relevant to your business, this is something your customers will love. It is also a great way to remind your customers about important features of your brand. For example – asking them what your current sale is, will remind them that you DO have a sale on, and that they SHOULD go check it out!


Quiz for KIND Collection (@kindcollection)


If your products are buyable online – ALWAYS ADD A SHOPPABLE LINK! This is a super easy way to get your customers to simply click on a link that will take them to your website… AND VOILA! All of a sudden, they’re scrolling through other similar products on your site.



The downside of IG stories is after 24 hours, POOF they are gone, and all that hard work has disappeared. Well, not anymore! Start saving your stories to your IG highlights, so customers can go back later and view them. Don’t over save though…. Only keep your best, and update them regularly to ensure they aren’t outdated.  They key is to keep your highlights between 7-10 categories, unless crucial to your brand.



Whilst you don’t want your stories to be the same day in, day out, it can sometimes be beneficial to have some structure throughout the week. A few examples are:

·     ThrowbackThursday (show previous work you have done)

·     We Wore Wednesday (share images of your customers wearing/using their new products)

·     Sustainable Sundays (share different ways in which you have been sustainable this week – or even share some of your favourite sustainable brands!)

·     Treat Yourself Tuesdays (show some of your latest products and encourage people to treat themselves this week!)

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