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We work very closely with a range of clients throughout the UK, Europe and Australia to provide them with an elevated experience for their customers – both current and future.


From bespoke jewellery to boutique stores (both men and womens), Social Laundry has extensive experience working with brands in the retail and fashion industry.


Social Laundry works with a number of lifestyle brands, including floristry, luxury accommodation and homewares. If your brand falls into the lifestyle category contact us for a list of our examples.


Whilst we work within the marketing industry, we also help web-designers and graphic designers with their social media, show casing their portfolio to future clients.


We have worked alongside beauty brands throughout the Social Laundry lifetime, and have assisted with content creation and consultation services in the process.

Here’s some people saying nice things about us

Meet our clients
Social Laundry has been a dream to work with! They have been so helpful in the early stages of setting up my social media for FUNctional Therapy. Bella has a great understanding of the social media algorithms and has given me great advice moving forward. Social Laundry has helped me with my content creation and set up my social media channels, which has been extremely helpful to my business. I can't wait to continue working with Social Laundry in the future, and I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs a bit of extra help with their socials, content or e-commerce!
Jen Robin
FUNctional Therapy
Bella is very bright, creative, and has excellent digital marketing skills. She takes pride in her work and has been an excellent value to my business. Social Laundry has helped me to organically grow my social following over the past 9 months, which has lead to a boost in sales and business revenue. Before working with Social Laundry, I was not aware of the market I was missing by not being active on Social Media – however the impact this growth has had on my business has been undeniable. I would highly recommend their services for any business in need of digital assistance.
Flowers By Sureyya
Working with Social Laundry has been a real game changer. Bella immediately understood the ethos behind KIND and quickly established the perfect voice to promote both our responsibly produced collections and sustainable issues that are close to our heart. The content she creates is both engaging and beautifully designed. She is brimming with creative ideas and always on hand to answer questions and guide you through the, at times overwhelming, world of social media. I highly recommend her and am looking forward to continuing to work with her well into the future!
Tansy Haak
Kind Collection
I have worked closely with Social Laundry for six months and I have really benefitted from their social media management packages. I have employed their content creation and e-commerce services too. Bella has set up our accommodation on a number of sites, which has seen our bookings significantly increase. Bella is always coming up with creative ideas to market our business, and I highly recommend her services. Social Laundry - thank you so much for all of your help, I can't wait to keep working with you in the upcoming months.
Dawn Taylor
Altamira Retreat
I am very happy with the work Bella and Social Laundry has done for my business (Yarra Valley Digital). Running our business takes up a lot of time, and unfortunately our social media was getting a bit left behind. Bella very quickly got a grasp for our business voice and has run with it ever since. The designs and content match together perfectly, and I never have to check over any of her posts. Social Laundry's 'no fuss' approach has made it so easy for us, and I recommend to anyone considering hiring a social media manager to have a chat to Bella.
Brennan Smith
Yarra Valley Digital

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